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Job Search Support

We all need to perform a job search (if not many) a points in our career. Finding a new job can be both exciting and terrifying, particularly if you are out of work and feeling pressure to get back into the workforce as soon as possible.

At present, we offer the following services to support you in your job search:
Resume Review Services

Resume Review

Want to make sure your resume best represents your unique talents and background? Our career coaches will review your current resume and recommend changes that will help you:

  • Showcase what you can bring to a new organization
  • Align the format of your resume with current design trends and standards
  • Ensure your resume will be appropriately interpreted by Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Develop versions of your resume aimed at different types of roles in which you’re interested, and discuss how to tailor cover letters aimed at those different roles

Cost is $247 and includes 2 one-hour 1x1 sessions with one of our career coaches.
LinkedIn Profile Review | PathWise

LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn is THE platform for building and keeping up to date on your professional network. It’s also an invaluable tool for job seekers. Having the right LinkedIn profile is a professional “must-have”, even more important than your resume.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile and your activity on the platform allow you to expand your network, build your domain credibility, and stand out from the crowd. Note: LinkedIn is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

Cost is $197 and includes 1 one-hour 1x1 session with one of our career coaches.
Job Interview Preparation | PathWise

Job Interview Preparation

You’ve gotten the interview you’ve been seeking. Now comes the all-important interview itself. Success in interviews is often made or not made in the first 5-10 minutes. Make sure you’re prepared, with guidance on how to:

  • Research a company before an interview
  • Position your unique value proposition in the first few minutes
  • Convey your skills and experience with real examples that make your case
  • Ask the right questions about the firm and the role

Cost is $197 and includes 1 one-hour 1x1 session with one of our career coaches.
Mock Interview | PathWise

Mock Interview

Go beyond traditional interview preparation and do an actual mock interview with one of our career coaches. We’ll start “in role” for the interview and will spend time afterward debriefing, providing guidance on how to strengthen your responses, tone, body language and overall effectiveness.

Cost is $197 and includes 1 one-hour 1x1 session with one of our career coaches.
Job Offer Negotiation | PathWise

Offer Negotiation

You’ve landed the role and want to make sure you get the best possible offer, financially and otherwise. We’ll help you define what’s most important to you in your offer, identify what you are and aren’t likely to be able to negotiate, and provide tips on how to approach the negotiation discussions. Note that our offer negotiation service doesn’t constitute legal advice, and we would recommend you also consider getting a legal review of your offer.

Cost is $197 and includes 2 30-minute 1x1 session with one of our career coaches.
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