Stop spinning your wheels in your job search and implement an effective and efficient strategy to land your next ideal role.

Session 1: Get Clear March 10, Noon – 1 pm EST

Identify specifically what you’re looking for in your next role before sending out another application to a job you don’t actually want

The factors you aren’t considering that have a major impact on your job satisfaction, career fulfillment, and joy at work

Session 2: Get Strategic March 17, Noon – 1 pm EST

Map out how you are going to spend your job search time so you can fit a job search into your life effectively and efficiently

Build a step-by-step networking plan to learn, make connections, and identify opportunities before they are even posted

Session 3: Get in the Door March 24, Noon – 1 pm EST

Refine your resume to showcase your fit for your ideal role

Up-level your LinkedIn profile to get noticed online

Craft your “we need to meet this candidate” cover letter – yes, cover letters are still relevant!

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