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Thought Leader Profiles

Our PathWise team follows a number of recognized thought leaders who we think you should know. We've created the following Thought Leader Profiles to help you learn more about them and their thoughts on careers, leadership, and personal development.

Each profile includes a short bio on the featured individual, an overview of their key areas of expertise, and an introduction to their unique perspectives. Additionally, we’ve included links to each thought leader’s website, social media accounts, and content distribution platforms to make it easy for you to access their work more fully and directly.

PathWisdom Newsletters

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Career Sessions, Career Lessons podcast image featuring podcast 100
A drive through the Florida Keys as a reminder to enjoy your career journey and not focus so much on the destination
Decision-making guidance
Eat that frog - a metaphor for doing a hard thing or taking on a challenge
This year, focus on building your career fitness
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