Changing Course: A Guided Approach for Navigating a Job or Career Change

What Others Are Saying About Changing Course:

This Is Your Roadmap Back To Success!

How would I even begin to say how incredible and well thought out this program is! When 2024 began, I found myself unexpectedly transitioning careers due to a company restructure. Now lacking guidance or confidence in my own abilities, I sought a structured approach to rebuild my path to career success. I was introduced to the PathWise Career Changers course, which provided detailed discussions and worksheets aimed at in-depth self analysis and reflection. I was pleasantly surprised to see this course was taught by multiple top educators in their field of expertise, both of whom had a talent for keeping their listeners engaged through every minute of the course. PathWise helped me regain control amidst the uncertainty by reminding me of the endless possibilities ahead while providing me with the tools to take advantage of them. This is not your average career building seminar, this is your roadmap back to success.

Alycia M.

Course Description

Let PathWise help you land your next role or make the career change you’ve been considering!

Almost all of embark on a job or career change at some point in our professional lives. But many of us jump headlong into a job search without taking time to reflect on what we want to do next or to prepare ourselves to put our best foot forward.

PathWise’s “Changing Course” program will help you find a great new role that will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. Based on years of coaching experience, we’ll help you take a well-structured approach designed to help you get clear on what you’re seeking, sharpen your pitch, execute a precision search, and make a strong start in your new role or career.

A woman contemplating a job change or a career change

24 Video Based Modules

Each video is generally less than 15 minutes. Binge them all or take your time. It’s up to you!

Over 5 Hours of Guidance

Delivered by two of PathWise’s fantastic leadership coaches, Becca Carnahan and Heather Wilkerson

20 Optional Worksheets

Our worksheets will help you organize your thoughts as you work through the program

Course Overview

Part 1: Reflecting & Exploring

Understand our recommended approach to making a change, assess where you are today, and craft a plan for your career next steps.

Part 2: Developing Your Brand and Messaging

Develop a personal brand that clearly tells your professional story, and learn how to share it in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letters.

Part 3: Conducting the Search

Master a structured approach for conducting a structured job search, including target identification, networking and outreach, interviewing, and follow-up.

Part 4: Landing the Role

Learn how to evaluate offers against your criteria, negotiate your offer of choice, and prepare for your new role.

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Access to all program videos

Access to all worksheets

3 one hour coaching sessions with one of PathWise’s career coaches

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Access to all program videos

Access to all worksheets

3 one hour coaching sessions with one of PathWise’s leadership coaches

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