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Jasmine Escalera: Empowering Women of Color in Their Careers

In the world of career coaching, Jasmine Escalera, a Puerto Rican woman with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Yale University School of Medicine, stands out, empowering women of color to overcome obstacles, find their true potential, and excel in their chosen paths. Guided by her own experience, Jasmine has emerged as a beacon of inspiration for countless women seeking fulfillment in their careers.

A Journey from High-Level Management to Empowerment

Jasmine’s journey to becoming a career and confidence coach was marked by a successful yet challenging career in high-level management. She dedicated herself to designing programs and providing healthcare options for underserved populations, driven by a passion for making a difference. However, despite her academic credentials and dedication, she faced a common struggle in the workplace – she was overlooked, unrecognized, underpaid, and overworked. Over time, she found herself dreading going to work.

In a bold move that would change the trajectory of her life, Jasmine made a pivotal decision. She quit her job and embarked on a new journey, founding Jasmine Escalera Coaching – a company dedicated to helping women of color find fulfillment in their careers. Her mission is to empower women of color to embrace their worth and achieve their dreams, breaking free from limiting societal norms and workplace dynamics.

Courses, Offerings, and Programs

One of the cornerstones of Jasmine’s coaching services is The Empowered Hire program. Through this initiative, she guides women of color as they navigate the complex world of career moves. Jasmine helps them tap into their strengths, build confidence, and make strategic decisions that align with their aspirations.

Jasmine also offers a LinkedIn course titled Rebuilding and Rebounding after a Layoff. In this course, she equips women with the tools and knowledge needed to not only survive but thrive after setbacks, including layoffs. She emphasizes the importance of viewing such experiences through the lens of opportunity, turning adversity into a stepping-stone toward success.

Other Noteworthy Endeavors

Jasmine’s influence extends beyond her coaching and courses. She has spoken at TEDx, sharing her insights and experiences with a global audience. Her presence on LinkedIn is also noteworthy, as she has earned recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice, where her content inspires and uplifts countless professionals. Jasmine also hosts the Her Next Career Move podcast. Through this platform, she continues to provide valuable guidance and inspiration, covering topics that can help anyone as they advance in their career journey.

The Latina Career Disruptor

Jasmine proudly refers to herself as “The Latina Career Disruptor.” Her unapologetic approach challenges the status quo and encourages women of color to break free from traditional molds, asserting their presence in industries where they are often underrepresented.

Jasmine’s story is a testament to resilience, courage, and the power of self-belief. Her journey from high-level management to career and confidence coach has touched the lives of many women of color, helping them thrive in their chosen careers. Jasmine is a true advocate for women’s empowerment, often referring to herself as “The Woman Who Creates Professional Quitters.”


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