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Strengths as Superpowers

Your Strengths Are Your Superpowers!

Using your strengths in your career is scientifically proven to create more fulfillment, happiness, and productivity.


Everyone has unique strengths which help them thrive and be successful. However, you need to

  • have the self-awareness to know your strengths and
  • be in a role and culture where you can apply them and see your impact and results.


What makes strengths different from skills? Skills are competencies, but they don’t necessarily drive you. When you use your strengths, you are passionate and energized. For example, you might be a software developer skilled at coding, but your strengths include communicating with the business team to reach a clear understanding of requirements and explaining technical barriers so that compromises can be made. In my case, I can use my leadership coaching skills with anyone, but I become more passionate when working with people who are making a difference.


Knowing your strengths will also help you to:

  • be more deliberate in selecting which strengths to use in specific situations so you have the impact and influence you want
  • align your work with your values
  • channel your efforts if you are searching for a new position, either within your current organization or in a new organization
  • avoid job burnout

One way to identify your strengths is the Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths Survey. This is a free online survey used to identify your Values in Action, also known as your character strengths.


By Beth Benatti Kennedy, Leadership Coach and PathWise Advisory Group member


Click here to assess your strengths and to create a life that draws on them. Please note you’ll need a VIA Institute account (free and simple to create) to take the quiz.

Click here to purchase a Clifton Strengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment with two hours of coaching.

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