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Professional Presence Part II - Self-Confidence is Critical

In a recent article, I shared a formula for professional presence derived from my observations of the many incredible leaders I have coached.

Credibility + Self-confidence + Resilience = PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE

Individuals with self-confidence have high satisfaction at work and are not afraid to take on new challenges. Here are four tips to boost your self-confidence.

  1. Eliminate deficiency-focused language. Deficiency focusing is being laser-focused on the negatives of the situation. This often manifests itself in the language we use. If you’re stressed out at work and say to yourself, “I can’t…”, you close your mind to solutions, and limit your ability to develop a problem-solving competency and a growth mindset, both crucial to being confident.
  2. Ask questions. Asking questions is an important strategy in your confidence toolbox. Before beginning a project, be clear on the outcomes needed and get clarification of what precisely is required. Floundering around and stressing out your manager and yourself because you have no idea if you’re on the right path is not going to enhance your confidence.
  3. Focus on continuous improvement. Practice is the key to confidence and success. It’s not only the practice, though. It’s getting feedback from others you trust, correcting mistakes along the way, and being open to learning. Staying current with the latest trends in your career area is another way to expand your skill set and spark your confidence.
  4. Have fun! Studies have shown that a great way to be confident in your career is to not take yourself too seriously. Of course, accomplishing specific objectives in your job is important but you can also have fun while you’re doing it. You’ll be amazed at how being more lighthearted boosts your confidence.

Focus on these four areas to build self-confidence as a way of enhancing your professional presence.

By Beth Benatti Kennedy, MS LMFT

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