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What’s Your Personality Type? (And Why It Matters)

Are you aware of your personality type? Personality type isn’t about whether you are an
easygoing or grouchy person or a morning or night person; it’s about how you are
hardwired. Each of us has differences in the way we approach problems, make
decisions, and communicate with others.

Understanding your personality type impacts your resilience because when you
understand your natural personality preferences and how they affect you and others,
you can adapt your style to enhance overall productivity, reduce stress, and increase
career satisfaction. You may also realize that some sticky or challenging situations are
out of your control because they involve personality issues.

Here are steps you can take:

  • If you haven’t had an opportunity to learn about your personality type by taking a
    personality assessment, there are several available, including TypeCoach, the
    DiSC® Assessment, True Colors®, the Big Five Personality Test, the Myers-
    Briggs Type Indicator®, and the Enneagram.
  • Know the strengths that come from your preferences and ask yourself if you are
    using them in your career—you are more easily productive and less stressed
    when you are. If you’re not using them, can you make changes so you can
    leverage your personality type strengths in your career and in your personal life?
  • Be aware that when you become seriously stressed, it can amplify the more
    negative aspects of your personality type. Notice when you are not yourself at
    work and in your personal life, and remind yourself to pause and recharge. You
    are on overload and need to employ your stress-management strategies.
  • Remember that what stresses one personality type can be relaxing to another.
    Remind yourself not to take personally something a colleague says to you—it
    may just be their natural personality type and how they like to deal with an issue.
    Learn to let it go and move forward!
  • Pick one person with whom you work closely, such as your manager or a
    colleague, and write down how you can flex your style with them for more
    effective interactions. Even focusing on just one aspect to flex can make a
    difference in collaboration, communication, and productivity with this individual.

Take time to discover your personality type and how it affects your energy and impacts
work situations. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to create strategies for adapting
your style to people and situations.

By Beth Benatti Kennedy, MS, LMFT - PathWise Advisory Group Member

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